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Paint Pottery New York
  • Pottery

    You'll love Little Shop's variety of shapes and sizes of mugs, serving and sushi platters, bowls for cereal, salad, pasta, dessert and rice. We even give you chopsticks! We have cookie jars, cannisters, vases, frames, keepsake boxes, and more. Paint Pottery in New York at Little Shop!

    The staff at Little Shop can provide you with helpful hints and tools such as: stencils, stamps, pencils (it burns off in the kiln) and books to help inspire you! The only thing to worry about is which piece you want to do first! Your creation will be ready for pick-up in 5-7 days. Remember, never a charge for time - stay as long as you like.

  • Plastercraft

    It's no wonder you never tire of Little Shop. If we don't have it, it doesn't exist. Little Shop has hundreds of items such as: princesses, mermaids, unicorns, rainbows, ballet, cars, planes, submarines, aliens, cobras, dinosaurs, dragons, dolphins, sport themes, horses, pencil holders, keepsake boxes, 11" letters and so much more. We always get new items. Come see what's in store at New York's largest craft house!

    You paint your piece and accent by antiquing, finger waxing and other secret techniques. We then seal your work and it's ready to take home instantly. Every piece is a work of art.

Pottery Mosaics Soap Making
Make mosaics at little shop
  • Mosaics and Woodcraft

    Ever try mosaics or woodcraft? Once you do, you'll be hooked!  Little Shop provides you with an assortment of colored tiles in various shapes and sizes. You chose from useful pieces such as: step stools, mirrors, picture frames, boxes, just to name a few. You can create your mosaic design by gluing the tiles in place.  We'll gladly do the grouting for a small charge or we will supply you with the grout and simple instructions for you to do at home... either way enjoy forever.

  • Canvas Painting

    A blank canvas has endless possibilities. Stop by today and let your imagination run free! For young (recommended for 5 years old and up) or old, leave any inhibitions at the door. Our wonderful staff will guide you through the fun and easy process.  

Painting Classes at Little Shop
Soap Making Class at Little Shop
  • Soap Making

    Design your very own melt and pour soap.  Choose from a verity of playful embeds, fragrances and/or colors to create a masterpiece. They make perfect gifts or keep them all to yourself.

  • Create-a-Cuddly

    Choose from a selection of high quality un-stuffed adorable animals at Little Shop. Bring your new best friend to life by filling with hypo-allergenic stuffing and its very own loving heart. Create and design a unique fitted t-shirt for your Cuddly with paint, and stencils. Take your Cuddly home and love forever.

Create a Cuddly birthday parties